Decarbonizing the World
For a Sustainable Future

For thirty years, Kataman has been on the forefront of environmental sustainability as a global leader in the metals recycling movement.  Leveraging our global platform, Kataman has extended its reach into emerging Environmental Commodities markets. 


To meet the growing demand for carbon neutral materials, and to address evolving climate policies worldwide, Kataman has pioneered market based, sustainable solutions for our customers and the planet.


Our international team is here to provide solutions and deal structures to help our clients achieve their voluntary or compliance emissions goals.

Globally Sourced

Kataman Climate offers Carbon Offset certificates from every corner of the globe. These Carbon Offsets are independently verified certificates that allow businesses to compensate for their greenhouse gas emissions by reducing or removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere according to stringent, internationally recognized scientific standards.

Kataman offers Carbon Offsets from the following labels:

Verified Carbon Standard – Verra

The VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) Program has over 1700 certified VCS projects and has reduced or removed more than 800 million tonnes of carbon and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. It was developed and is managed by Verra, a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization founded in 2005 by environmental and business leaders and based in Washington, DC.

VCS credits can also come with additional labels including the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standard (CCB) Sustainable Development Verified Impact standards (SD VISta).


The Gold Standard for the Global Goals standard launched in 2017, enabling climate and development initiatives to quantify, certify, and maximize climate and sustainable development impacts. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and other international NGOs created the Gold Standard to ensure carbon emissions reduction projects under the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) also contributed to sustainable development.

Collaborating with nearly 100 NGO’s, Gold Standard has created over $25.6 billion in shared value from climate and development action worldwide from its 2000+ certified projects. Gold Standard has issued 173 million carbon credits across 80 countries, the vast majority of which coming from Asia, Africa, and South America.

American Carbon Registry (ACR)

Founded in 1996 as the first private voluntary greenhouse gas registry in the world, The American Carbon Registry (ACR) is a non-profit enterprise of Winrock International. As a pioneer in harnessing the power of markets to improve the environment, ACR has set the bar for offset quality that is the market standard today and continues to lead market innovations.

ACR has issued over 180 million carbon credits from projects across North and South America.

Climate Action Reserve (CAR)

A leading carbon offset registry for the North American carbon market, the Climate Action Reserve encourages action to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by ensuring the environmental integrity and financial benefit of emissions reduction projects.

CAR operates as a non-profit voluntary registry and has issued over 160 million carbon credits from over 350 projects across North America.

CBL GEO Contract

Xpansiv markets created the Global Emissions Offset (GEO) product in 2020 as a standardized carbon offsetting product. GEO markets enable consumers to buy high-quality carbon offsets—without having to evaluate the vast universe of disparate offset projects. That’s because underlying every GEO contract is an offset that meets the stringent eligibility criteria defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization for CORSIA.


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Send us a note at [email protected] or use the form below and a team member will contact you shortly.