Inventory Management

Kataman has the flexibility, expertise and reliability to manage your non-ferrous inventory. We incorporate a detailed knowledge of the metals markets, the complexities of supply-chain management and the variables of the manufacturing cycle to minimize your risk and exposure and maximize your production efficiencies.

Kataman's inventory management team is a key client-interface dedicated to solving the problems and servicing both the local and global needs of our clients. We offer a depth of knowledge and a full range of products and services.

Our inventory management is typically tailor-made to meet specific client requirements and involve the full range of industries in which Kataman operates, including producers, consumers, traders, metal smelters, mills, manufacturers, logistics and distributors.

Inventory management is an exercise in balancing risk. Kataman can help protect against uncertainties in supply, demand, disruption and inventory loss. We put to work our global knowledge of supply-chain economics, trading, sourcing, communication and logistics to provide solutions for your inventory placement and movement.

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